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Technique Video for Surgeons:
Progressive Tension Sutures (PTS) During an Abdominoplasty

This video demonstrates the surgical technique of an abdominoplasty incorporating Progressive Tension Sutures (PTS). While this video is self-explanitory it is intended as a supplement to instructional courses presented at ASPS and ASAPS meetings.

Articles detailing this technique are available:

  1. Pollock, T. and Pollock, H. Progressive tension sutures in abdominoplasty, Clinics in Plastic Surgery (October) 2004; 31(4), pp.: 583-589.
  2. Pollock, H. and Pollock, T. Management of Face Lifts with Progressive Tension Sutures, Aesthetic Surgery Journal. (January, February) 2003, pp.28-33.
  3. Pollock, H., and Pollock, T. Reducing Abdominoplasty Complications, Aesthetic Surgery Journal.  (September/October) 2002; 22 (5), pp. 371-372.
  4. Pollock, H., and Pollock, T. Progressive Tension Sutures: A Technique to Reduce Local Complications in Abdominoplasty, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (June) 2000; 105 (7), pp. 2583-2586.

Warning to Patients
Patients are welcome to view this video of a tummy tuck but they are cautioned that, due to the graphic nature of surgery, some of the video may be disturbing. A less clinical version of the PTS procedure can be found on our page Progressive Tension Sutures: Our Approach to Reducing Complications and Speeding Recovery. Another page our comments on the Progressive Tension Sutures use with the abdominoplasty (tummy tuck procedure) is Promises and Pitfalls: Tummy Tucks.


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