A Free Consultation Available Now for Dallas and Allen, TX, Women Wanting a Breast Enhancement


Free Consultation Available Now for Dallas and Allen, TX, Women Wanting a Breast Enlargement

Breast augmentation, sometimes known as breast enhancement,  refers to the enlargement of the female breast utilizing either silicone or saline breast implants. It is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic surgical procedures and is done to improve the patient’s body proportions, as well as, her self-image.

A woman considering breast augmentation should carefully consider the various options and potential risks of the procedure that may have lifelong implications. Women in the Dallas and Allen, Texas, areas who are considering a breast augmentation appreciate that they can sit and have a consultation with one of our surgeons, not just a staff member, to learn about the surgery and what to expect.

If you are considering a breast enlargement, read the opinions of our North Dallas Plastic Surgery (NDPS) doctors: http://www.drpollock.com/dallas-breast-augmentation.htm »

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Why Some Women Choose a Mommy Makeover in Dallas and Allen, TX

Dallas and Allen Mommy Makeover

Both of our North Dallas Plastic Surgery physicians, Dr. Harlan Pollock and Dr. Todd A. Pollock,  have been performing the Mommy Makeover for many years. They were even quoted in a New York Times article about the procedure back in 2007!

What is a Mommy Makeover? The name came about as part of a marketing strategy and it continues to be talked about and searched for to today. It can be a surgery combining three treatments: a breast lift with, or without, breast implants, plus a tummy tuck (also known as abdominoplasty), as well as some liposuction. These procedures are sometimes wanted by a woman after delivering her last child and who wishes to reclaim part of her more youthful appearance.

Dr. Harlan Pollock was interviewed last year by CBS News » – he discussed the revolutionary tummy tuck procedure known as “Progressive Tension Sutures” that he and Dr. Todd A. Pollock created. The advantage to this abdominoplasty procedure is it has no drains so patients can resume an upright posture sooner after surgery.

Read More on our Website about these different procedures:


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What is a Mommy Makeover and Why Do Some Women Want It?


A “Mommy Makeover” refers to a combination of surgical procedures that correct perceived deformities related to changes in a woman’s body as a result of pregnancy and nursing. “Mommy Makeover” actually originated as a marketing term and has since become firmly established in the media and popular language.

Having a child can be an exciting time. However, pregnancy changes in the abdomen and breasts are natural changes common to many women. Though there are numerous and varied suggestions for prevention of stretch marks, loose skin, breast sag and volume loss, none of these preventative measures are effective. Fortunately, when appropriate, surgery can be a very effective method of reversing these changes.

The two most common postpartum perceived deformities are:

  • Loss of breast volume and shape.
  • Fullness of the lower abdomen, often associated with an excess of skin, localized accumulation of fat, and stretch marks.

Therefore, the most common combination of procedures characterized as “Mommy Makeover” are breast surgery and abdominoplasty (also known as a tummy tuck).

Learn how we can help you at North Dallas Plastic Surgery: http://www.drpollock.com/dallas-mommy-makeovers.htm ».

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Tummy Tuck in Dallas and Allen, TX

Tummy Tuck Plastic Surgery in Dallas and Allen

At North Dallas Plastic Surgery (NDPS), our tummy tuck – also known as an abdominoplasty procedure – differs from standard techniques.

The Progressive Tension Suture technique (PTS) which was created by Dr. Harlan Pollock and Dr. Todd A. Pollock allows secure healing. Best of all it is known as the “No Drain Tummy Tuck” as no drainage tubes have to be left in place. Also it allows more rapid return to upright posture and normal activities. Our NDPS surgeons recently wrote a summary of the successes patients had with the PTS procedure which was printed in a peer-reviewed journal.

Find out how: http://www.drpollock.com/dallas-tummy-tuck.htm ».

More about the PTS procedure is here: PTS (Progressive Tension Suture) Technique Journal Article Gets Comments from Medical Peers »

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May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month

North Dallas Plastic Surgery (NDPS) wants to remind you that May is skin cancer awareness month.

Do you know the warning signs? For more skin cancer information, click here: http://www.skincancer.org ». This is a great time to be concerned about sun protection as the warmer weather makes it easier to spend more time outside.

As our Dr. Todd A. Pollock has said, ” The practice of Plastic Surgery is extremely gratifying and I am pleased when I am able to make a difference in patients’ lives through surgery. Whether it is correcting a deformity, enhancing one’s natural features, or repairing a defect from injury or cancer surgery, I am always honored when patients trust me with their care.”

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Organ Donation: Plan to Give the Gift of Life

Dr. Todd Pollock on the cover of the Dallas Medical Journal - published by the Dallas County Medical Society

Dr. Todd A. Pollock, plastic surgeon at North Dallas Plastic Surgery, is also the 2014 Dallas County Medical Society (DCMS) President. Since April is National Donate Life month, Dr. Pollock wrote an article about his loss of a friend Mike May and still how “I am comforted by the thought of him ‘outliving himself’ through his organs.” One donor can save as many as eight other lives and, with tissue donation, can make life better for a whole lot more.

As Dr. Pollock reminds us, “According the US Department of Health and Human Services, more than 113,000 people are on the organ transplant list awaiting a donor, and a person is added to that list every 10 minutes… You can register or confirm your registration at donatelifetexas.org. It takes only a minute.”

Read the entire article written by Dr. Pollock and published in April 2014 issue of the Dallas Medical Journal: “Organ Donation – Plan to Give the Give of Life” – http://www.drpollock.com/todd-a-pollock.htm.

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Consumer’s Warned About Certain Plastic Surgery Vacation Destinations

Vacation Plastic Surgery Concerns

Start typing the two words “plastic surgery” in Google and one of the suggestion is for “plastic surgery vacation packages” – this shows it’s a very popular search phrase. Medical tourism is a part of the global economy and for the American public, it does offer an alternative to care within the US.

The advantage of treatment in many foreign countries is potential cost savings,  especially in countries that have a lower cost of living.  There are many excellent physicians and facilities around the world. Unfortunately, as newspapers reported on April 1, 2014, a Bronx woman died during a tummy tuck procedure in the Dominican Republic. The cost was less than she was quoted nearer to home. As this news item reflects cost shouldn’t be the only consideration  (the article has no details about the quality of care, only an unfortunate outcome.)

Just as  with selection of surgeons and facilities in the US,  one should research credentials of physicians and accreditation of facilities. Read more on our North Dallas Plastic Surgery website for what we describe as Promises and Pitfalls: Medical tourism – http://www.drpollock.com/cosmetic-surgery-tourism.htm.

More about the unique approach we take with our Dallas and Allen’s practice can be seen in the variety of short pieces written for you, the consumer: Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery: Promises and Pitfalls – Consumer Information.

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Safety and Effectiveness – Important Considerations for Facial Injections

If you are concerned about aging and are considering facial fillers like Restylane, Juvederm and Radiesse, we welcome you to contact us for a consultation. Drs. Harlan Pollock and Todd A. Pollock only recommended these fillers after a complete facial evaluation to make sure these treatments are right for you.

Our surgeons, not technicians, are the ones who do facial injections for our North Dallas Plastic Surgery patients. Our doctors believe that, when used appropriately fillers can improve signs of aging and delay the need for cosmetic surgery. They also caution that if they are not used selectively and judiciously, the results can be disappointing.

Learn more about injectables here on the North Dallas Plastic Surgery website: http://www.drpollock.com/dallas-allen-injectables.htm ».

We like to educate our patients about the variety of options they have. Click below for more, related information from our writings known as Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery: Promise and Pitfalls – Consumer Information »:

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Botox Injections in Dallas and Allen to Minimize or Eliminate Facial Wrinkling

Did you know Botox only effects wrinkles that are present with muscle movement and disappear when the muscle is relaxed? Inappropriately treating a line that is present without muscle movement will lead to disappointment. For the patient, there can be a dizzying amount of choices: does it matter what kind of doctor should do the injections (after all, some dentists offer them!), the different prices that can be quoted, etc.

Here at North Dallas Plastic Surgery our approach to Botox injections is different:

  • Treatments are carried out by our physicians. We believe there is risk related to any procedure and we strive to minimize this risk. We also believe the results are technique dependent, and, therefore, the procedure isn’t delegated to an assistant.
  • Our selection of injectable material is based on two factors: safety and effectiveness.

Read more about Botox and how an evaluation from our board certified plastic surgeons about facial rejuvenation can help you feel better: http://www.drpollock.com/dallas-allen-botox.htm ».

If you are considering other injectable materials like synthetic fillers then this page on our website will help inform you about the options:  Injectables/Fillers Page »

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Minimally Invasive Facial Procedures vs. Surgical Options

Here at North Dallas Plastic Surgery, when it is appropriate for our patients wanting a cosmetic facial treatment, we consider both non-surgical and minimally invasive procedures as well as surgical treatments. However, the only procedures we offer are those which have been scientifically proven to be safe and effective.

This is especially important in the case of patients who may have heard about new treatments or products. These should be used only if there is a proven advantage over established methods.

On this page of our North Dallas Plastic Surgery website we compare minimally invasive facial procedures to plastic surgery options: http://www.drpollock.com/anything-but-facelift.htm. This compares a variety of minimally invasive treatments to plastic surgery options.

Here is more information from our website related to injectable fillers and facial rejuvenation: Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Promises & Pitfalls – Filler Treatments for Anti Aging Skin Care: Youth in a Syringe?

Please contact Dr. Harlan Pollock or Dr. Todd A. Pollock for answers to the questions you have about facelift options here in North Texas.

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