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Our Approach: Plastic Surgery Testimonials

Although we are aware of the marketing advantage of using testimonials, we believe that they are of little value to the prospective patient and have therefore avoided use of testimonials in our practice. While we are pleased with thank you notes from patients and appreciate the comments, we regard patient communications personal and confidential.


Plastic Surgery Testimonials: "Thank You Dr. Wonderful!"

Cosmetic Surgery: Promises and Pitfalls™


Whether viewed in the doctor's office, a slick magazine ad on an Internet Website, or heard on TV or radio, testimonials can have powerful influence on the perspective cosmetic surgery patient.


  • The verification of the authenticity of any given testimonial is virtually impossible.
  • Testimonials, assuming they are authentic, provide one person's experience and opinion - this can be comforting but it may not be relevant to the experience of the very next patient.
  • When testimonials are presented in advertising, in articles, infomercials or on the Internet, they are there for one purpose only: to solicit patients.
  • Though rarely enforced, most state medical boards and professional societies prohibit or limit the use of testimonials in marketing and advertising. Use of testimonials is of limited value in evaluating a surgeon and may under certain circumstance be misleading and even unethical. When reading testimonials, these questions should come to mind (although the answers are often difficult if not impossible to arrive at):
    • Who actually authored the testimonial?
    • Is the author of the testimonial describing the quality and efficacy of surgery that represents a typical experience of other patients?
    • Was the testimonial spontaneous or solicited?
    • Were written patient comments subject to careful selection for marketing purposes?
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