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Patient Information

In creating OUR UNIQUE PLASTIC SURGERY WEBSITE, we have adopted “Beauty begins with knowledge” as not just a clever motto, but as our guiding practice philosophy.  The following statement sums up our opinion about the dilemma of the modern day medical consumer.

“Today’s patients have access to much more medical information than their predecessors did; unfortunately, much of it is misinformation.” Bulletin of the American College of Surgeons – December 2002

Our procedure pages include important considerations for patients making an informed decision about plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery procedures. It includes positive and negative considerations that patients should discuss with their family and their surgeon. Although the information presented is factual and based on medical evidence where appropriate, it does include the opinions of Dr. Todd Pollock in his years of experience in plastic surgery. We have made a conscious effort to be fair, factual and ethical in our presentations and opinions on our website, just as we do in our practice.