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Mommy Makeovers

mommy makeover restored this bikini wearing mom's flat tummy

Mommy Makeover refers to a combination of surgical procedures that correct deformities related to changes in a woman’s body as a result of pregnancy and nursing. “Mommy Makeover” actually originated as a marketing term, and has become firmly established in the media and popular language.

Pregnancy changes in the abdomen and breasts are natural changes, that are common to many women. Though there are numerous and varied suggestions for prevention of stretch marks, loose skin, breast sag and volume loss, none of these preventative measures are effective. Fortunately, when appropriate, mommy makeover surgery can be a very effective method of reversing these changes.

Our Approach:

  • We did not originate the term “Mommy Makeover” but we agree with the concept that undesirable changes and perceived deformity are a result of pregnancy are inevitable and can be distressing. Patients should consider many factors in the decision about surgery, but in reality surgery is usually the only means of reversing these changes.
  • Modern surgical technique can safely and effectively reverse these problem areas.
  • The two most common postpartum deformities are:
    • Loss of breast volume and shape.
    • Fullness of the lower abdomen, often associated with an excess of skin, localized accumulation of fat, and stretch marks.

Therefore, the most common combination of procedures characterized as “Mommy Makeover” are breast surgery and abdominoplasty (tummy tuck).

  • Breast surgery (breast augmentation, breast lift, etc.) can be done in conjunction with an abdominoplasty. Of course doing these procedures individually is also a reasonable approach. The options should be considered carefully, weighing the convenience of a single anesthetic, operation and recovery, risk, time and difficulty of recovery, cost, and personal medical conditions.
  • By adding the progressive tension sutures (PTS) to our abdominoplasty, we are able to avoid the use of drains, permit patients to stand upright as soon as comfortable, thereby minimizing convalescence, making combined procedures easier on the patient. Further, the addition of these PTS sutures significantly reduces the complications of this surgery.
  • All surgery has its risks, expense, convalescence, etc. Even though elective, the decision to have surgery should be carefully considered.
  • No cosmetic surgical procedure is standardized – procedures vary from surgeon to surgeon.  Second opinions are both helpful and important when considering elective surgery.

The mommy makeover is a combination of surgical procedures that reverse the changes to the female body as a result of pregnancy. It is a convenient way to reverse the pregnancy changes with one anesthetic, operation, hospitalization, and recovery! However, patients should consider the following:

  • “Mommy Makeover” is an effective marketing term that packages surgical procedures.
  • Using terms like “makeover” tends to trivialize a combination of major surgical procedures.
  • While many women may be troubled by post-pregnancy changes to both breasts and abdomen, suggestive marketing may encourage correction of a deformity that was previously of little concern. In other words, a woman seeking a tummy tuck, although not particularly concerned about the appearance of her breasts can be influenced to have breast surgery just because it is part of “the package…”
  • “Packaging” surgical procedures may increase convalescence, risk, and, of course, expense.