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The Progressive Tension Suture (PTS) Facelift in Dallas and Allen, TX

We originated a simple technique that has significantly reduced our patients’ surgical complications, improving their results and shortening their convalescence.

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Placement of PTS Under the Skin to Advance and Anchor the Skin Flap

Animated diagram demonstrating a facelift

Following the appropriate management of the deeper tissues of the face, the skin redraping and tightening is accomplished with progressive tension sutures (PTS). These are sutures that advance and anchor the skin to the underlying tissues.

This is a very simple yet effective technique that has the advantage of:

  • The distribution of pull over the entire skin surface (instead of only at the skin closure!)
  • No tension on the skin closure – resulting in less scarring
  • More even draping of the skin – no lines of tension visible
  • Overall enhancement of the natural appearance of the face

Elimination of the space under the skin flap and secure anchoring of the skin flap to the underlying tissues results in:

  • Prevention of fluid accumulation
  • No drains or pressure dressings necessary
  • Prevention of disruption of early healing as the tissues move together, not independently
  • Less swelling and bruising
  • Speedier healing and therefore, faster recovery

What Is My PTS Facelift Recovery Like?

Recovery from a PTS facelift is generally shorter than in a traditional facelift. Since the sutures remove tension on the skin closure, the healing occurs in a tension-free environment, which helps to enhance scar quality, or rather, results in less scarring.

How Long Will My PTS Facelift Results Last?

Your PTS facelift results are expected to last for several years, but considering the skin on your face continues to age, the results aren’t necessarily permanent.

Frequently Asked Questions About the PTS Facelift

  • What is the PTS facelift?

    PTS (progressive tension suture) facelift is a facial cosmetic procedure carried out to help lift sagging skin on the face and neck. The procedure is performed by placing sutures under the skin to advance and anchor the skin to the underlying tissues. It is a viable alternative to a traditional facelift, offering enhanced results with a much shorter recovery.

  • How do I know if I need a PTS facelift?

    Over time, the inevitable natural process of aging occurs, causing your skin and tissues to lose elasticity, resulting in wrinkles, fine lines, jowls, and drooping cheeks.

    The PTS facelift is an appropriate procedure for individuals who want to reverse these effects with a much shorter recovery time than associated with a traditional facelift.

  • Why is a PTS facelift superior to traditional facelift techniques?

    The biggest advantage of a PTS facelift is that patients can return to activity sooner. A PTS facelift has a relatively short recovery with lower risks as compared to traditional facelifts.

    Since the need for drains or pressure dressings is eliminated, there is very little risk of fluid collections or seromas. Another added benefit of a PTS facelift is that the diffused distribution of tension over the entire skin surface results in a natural appearance without visible lines of pull.

  • What happens during a PTS facelift procedure?

    During a PTS facelift, your surgeon uses progressive tension sutures to secure the skin flap to the underlying tissues, following the appropriate tightening of the deeper tissues of the face.

    These stitches reduce dead space by anchoring the skin flap to the deeper tissues and allow a controlled redraping of the skin after subcutaneous dissection. A bandage will be applied to the face following the surgery.

  • How much pain can I expect after my facelift?

    You may experience some temporary discomfort as well as minimal scarring and swelling. Pain is relieved with prescription medication.

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