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Breast Lift in Dallas and Allen, TX


If you are considering cosmetic breast surgery because your breasts have begun to sag or have been droopy for years, you may think, like many others, that breast augmentation will help.

The idea that breast implants can correct breast sagging (also known as ptosis) is a common misconception; that is not usually the case. While early sagging of the breast seen after pregnancy or aging can sometimes be addressed with breast implants alone, adding large implants to significantly sagging breasts will result in more drooping by stretching the weakened skin out and make correction even more difficult .


Breast sagging is evaluated by looking at the relationship between the nipple and the fullest part of the breast to the fold under the breast (the infra-mammary fold). When the nipple and fullest part of the breast are above the fold there is no sagging. As the breast descends below the fold, then there is sagging and how far below determines the degree of sagging. Sagging occurs as the support tissues of the breast lose their elasticity and strength.

When a significant degree of sagging is present, Dr. Pollock recommends a breast lift (mastopexy) to properly treat breast ptosis. Breast lift surgery is a popular procedure designed to return the breast tissues to their proper position above the inframammary fold. A breast lift can also address breast size by removing some tissue to decrease size or adding an implant to increase size or replace lost volume. Those women who wish to increase the size of their breasts may add an implant. However, increasing size should be somewhat conservative as the increased weight of the implant can stretch the weak tissue.

Should I Get a Breast Lift?

Women whose breasts sag due to age, pregnancy, or other factors may want to consider a breast lift. This procedure can reposition drooping breast tissue and nipples/areolas as well as tighten loose skin. The breast shape may also be improved. If a patient’s breast tissue is dense, it may be adequate to hold a good shape. If a patient’s breast tissue is fatty, an implant may be needed to give the breast a better shape, especially upper breast fullness

Ideal candidates are non-smokers in good health with no medical conditions or medications that may cause complications. Patients should be at or near their ideal weight and wait until they have finished having children to ensure optimal, long-lasting results.

To maintain breast lift results, patients should ensure that they can maintain a stable weight following their operation.

What Can a Breast Lift Do for Me?

A breast lift restores “perkiness to the breasts” to improve your figure and have you feeling more confident about your body in and out of your favorite outfits.

For patients looking to adjust the size of their breasts, a breast augmentation procedure or breast reduction surgery may be combined with a breast lift.

How Is a Breast Lift Performed?

A breast lift may be performed under general anesthesia or monitored IV sedation. Incisions are around the areola, a vertical incision down and one underneath the breast.

While the lollipop and anchor incision leaves visible scars, they fade nicely over time and blend well with the surrounding breast skin.

Dr. Pollock will use these incisions to lift and reshape breast tissue, raise the areola and nipple if necessary, and remove excess skin.

What Is Breast Lift Recovery Like?

Following a breast lift, patients must wear a compression garment to reduce swelling and ensure proper healing. Patients should wear this garment for at least two weeks and avoid placing pressure or strain on their breasts.

This means no lifting or vigorous exercise until you are cleared to resume these activities by Dr. Pollock.

Patients may return to work within one to two weeks after surgery. Most patients should be fully recovered and ready to resume rigorous activities within six weeks.

What Are the Results of Breast Lift Surgery?

While a breast lift will restore a more perky appearance to the breast, it cannot stop the natural aging process or prevent new sagging from occurring over time.

The effects of a breast lift often last 10 to 15 years or more. At some point, another breast lift procedure may be necessary to address additional age-related laxity.

Breast Lift FAQ

What can I expect at my consultation?

During your consultation with Dr. Pollock, he will listen carefully to your concerns and goals, obtain a complete medical history, including any medications you take, and perform an examination.

He will explain the breast lift procedure, your best incision options, recovery, possible complications, scarring, and cost. If you decide to move forward with a breast lift, Dr. Pollock creates a customized surgical treatment plan tailored to meet your needs.

How long does a breast lift take?

Expect to spend about five hours at our state-of-the-art surgical suite. You will be made to feel comfortable and relaxed as the surgical team prepares you for surgery and administers anesthesia. The breast lift procedure takes approximately three and a half hours, and you can expect to be in the recovery area for around an hour.

What kind of anesthesia is used for a breast lift?

Dr. Pollock typically uses general anesthesia for breast lift procedures but may consider other options for mild sagging addressed with a donut hole incision.

How many follow-up appointments will I need?

Plan for three post-operative visits with Dr. Pollock after your breast lift:

  • One week following your surgery
  • Your two-month check-in
  • Your final visit should occur about six months after surgery.

It is essential to call Dr. Pollock with any concerns; this may include increasing pain, persistent redness at the incision site, discharge, wound opening, or anything else that worries you.

How much does a breast lift cost in Dallas, TX?

The cost of your procedure will be determined by your needs and goals as well as the techniques used. You will be provided with an accurate and inclusive quote for your breast lift at the end of your consultation.

Want to Learn More About Receiving a Breast Lift in Dallas, TX?

If you are interested in scheduling a breast lift consultation in North Dallas or Allen, Texas, please reach out to Dr. Pollock, as he is now accepting new patients.

Call his North Dallas, Texas, plastic surgery practice by phone at (214) 363-2575 or the Allen, Texas location at  (214) 509-0270.

Or contact us online via our contact page.

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