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Progressive Tension Sutures (PTS)


The Progressive Tension Suture (PTS) Facelift

We originated a simple technique that has significantly reduced our patients’ surgical complications, improving their results and shortening their convalescence.

Placement of PTS Under the Skin to Advance and Anchor the Skin Flap


Following the appropriate management of the deeper tissues of the face, the skin redraping and tightening is accomplished by the use of progressive tension sutures (PTS). These are sutures that advance and anchor the skin to the underlying tissues. This is a very simple, yet effective technique that has the advantage of:
  • The distribution of pull over the entire skin surface (instead of only at the skin closure!)
  • No tension on the skin closure – resulting in less scarring
  • More even draping of the skin – no lines of tension visible
  • Overall enhancement of the natural appearance of the face.

Elimination of the space under the skin flap and secure anchoring of the skin flap to the underlying tissues results in:

  • Prevention of fluid accumulation
  • No drains or pressure dressings necessary
  • Prevention of disruption of early healing as the tissues move together, not independently
  • Less swelling and bruising
  • Speedier healing and therefore, faster recovery.
The video below illustrates the technique of Progressive Tension Sutures. OOPS. Adobe Flash Player is required to view this video.