Quick Surgery, for Big Impact – A Brow Lift

Quick Surgery, for Big Impact – A Brow Lift

iStock 618982226 300x200 - Quick Surgery, for Big Impact – A Brow LiftIf your eyes and forehead are beginning to reveal your age, a brow/forehead lift may be for you.  At North Dallas Plastic Surgery, we have developed a unique and effective way to lift sagging eyebrows with minimal complication and down time.  Our procedure is so revolutionary that we were asked to write about it in the peer-reviewed journal.

Progressive Tension Sutures

At North Dallas Plastic Surgery, we created the Progressive Tension Suture Technique that allows the surgeon to correctly shape and position the eyebrows, erase frown lines, and smooth the wrinkles on the forehead.  We have found that this technique gives our patients a more natural looking, long-lasting result.

Benefits of Our Method

Our unique method for brow lift surgery is different because:

  • Surgeon is able to place the incision accurately along the frontal hairline
  • Surgeon creates a flap of fat and skin without involving forehead nerves and muscles
  • The skin of the brow is directly fixed to the underlying tissue
  • Progressive tension sutures advance and anchor forehead skin to underlying tissue
  • Surgical drains not required.
  • Minimal final scarring (which is usually imperceptible.)
  • Avoids the “deer in the headlight” look that is common with typical brow lift surgeries
  • Prevents the common complication of typical brow lift surgery, the “brow sag” which can require screws in the skull to correct and sometimes cannot be corrected.
  • Avoids visible scalp scars and alteration of the hairline

If you want to brighten the appearance of your eyes, reduce forehead wrinkles and eliminate the puffy, excess skin on our upper eyelids, Progressive Tension Suture brow lift may be for you.  Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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