Maintaining Plastic Surgery Results

Maintaining Plastic Surgery Results

iStock 656260474 300x200 - Maintaining Plastic Surgery ResultsPlastic surgery is an investment and, like all investments, you’ll want to maintain its value for as long as possible. The following tips will help you maintain plastic surgery results long after the bandages have been removed and the healing has begun.

Watch out for the Sun

Sun exposure ages skin prematurely, so being cognizant of its effects on your skin are of paramount importance. Aside from giving your skin a patchy, discolored appearance, the sun can also reduce your skin’s elasticity and make it appear wrinkly. Even though it’s too late to address past exposure to the sun, there’s a lot you can do to prevent future damage. You don’t have to huddle indoors during daylight hours.  Just remember to wear sun screen that’s at least SPF 30. Also, throw on a hat or use an umbrella for added protection.

Watch What You Eat

The ways food consumption can show up on your body aren’t limited to weight gain. A healthy diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, greens, complex carbs and meat can keep your skin healthy and enhance its elasticity.

Vitamin C can increase collagen production, which enhances skin strength and elasticity. Vitamin A promotes skin healing, while Vitamin E can help skin heal quicker and more effectively. The B vitamins help with the production of new skin cells.

Weight gain can greatly reduce the desired effects of plastic surgery, as well. Putting on extra pounds can stretch skin and sabotage the effects of a body contouring procedure.

Exercise Regularly

Besides making you feel better and contributing to a healthier lifestyle, exercise is one of the best ways to maintain the effects of plastic surgery. Just make sure to ask your doctor when you can reinstate your exercise routine.

Give Up Smoking!

There are dozens of well-documented reasons supporting smoking cessation, but many people don’t know about smoking’s negative effects on the skin. Nicotine dries skin out, making it age prematurely. It also slows the healing process and reduces the positive effects of several of the vitamins listed above.

While these tips will help you maintain your plastic surgery results, it’s very important to discuss your lifestyle and habits with your doctor. Your surgeon will let you know about the best skin care products to use. Be open about your exercise and dietary habits, and whether you smoke or drink alcohol.

If you are considering plastic surgery and want to maintain positive results for as long as possible, contact board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Todd Pollock at North Dallas Plastic Surgery. He can review surgery options and advise you on how to maintain your plastic surgery investment well into the future.