Pregnancy After Breast Augmentation

Pregnancy After Breast Augmentation

Pregnancy After Breast Augmentation 300x200 - Pregnancy After Breast AugmentationFew moments in life are more memorable than the day you find out you’re pregnant. All sorts of fun things begin swimming through your mind, such as names, nursery colors, or the year your child will be eligible to make a run for the presidency. And, of course, health issues take center stage. If you have had a breast augmentation surgery, you might be wondering if, or how, a pregnancy will affect those surgical results.

The following are the most common questions regarding breast augmentation surgery and how it affects pregnancy.

Will Breast Feeding Be Possible?

Most likely, but breast augmentation won’t affect your ability to breast feed. In fact, breast implants are placed under the chest muscle and the breast tissue is above the muscle. Since first time mothers have not demonstrated the ability to breast feed, the surgeon cannot guarantee your ability to do so after augmentation surgery, but it has nothing to do with the surgery. While breasts increase in size due to pregnancy, their engorgement won’t interfere with your implants, and vice versa.

Could Incisions from Surgery Have Harmed Milk Ducts?

Most incisions are made under the breasts allowing the implant to slide underneath the muscle and breast tissue. This incision site should not affect milk production.

Will I Need a Breast Revision Procedure After Pregnancy?

The best answer is that it is unknown. Engorged breast glands due to pregnancy may stretch the skin. Many women return to their pre pregnancy look and do not need further skin tightening. For those women who have resulting breast tissue sag, a breast lift procedure may be desired. In this procedure, the breast tissue and skin is shaped around the implant to more closely represent the pre pregnancy appearance.

What if I Get Pregnant Right After Breast Augmentation Surgery?

While it’s not recommended to get pregnant within a few weeks after breast augmentation surgery, surprises do occur. But, becoming pregnant soon after a breast augmentation should not have a negative impact on you or your surgery.
If you have questions about how breast augmentation surgery may affect your pregnancy, contact board-certified plastic surgeon Todd Pollock, MD at North Dallas Plastic Surgery.

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